I started riding ponies in the UK. I was passionate eager and loved being around horses and ponies. I believe that you can have the worst day in the world but as soon as you go see your horses your bad day turns into a good one (I think that’s why I am hooked) I did hunting and working hunter pony I loved jumping and practically hooning around the place.

When I was 11yrs old my parents moved to Australia, I wanted to event. The thought of doing straight dressage did not appeal to me at all and bored me. I kept getting horses that were good at dressage and after a while I started to realize that dressage took skill, determination, patience and much much more. My love for dressage and drive to learn more started.

I believe every horse teaches you something, I have had successes as well down points. The few horses that have stood out for me were my Jive Magic gelding Wolfingham Jamara who taught me a lot. He taught me patience and to never give up. He taught me 1% improvement is better than 0%. I obtained a spot on the young rider squad each year that I owned him as well as the National Youth Development Squad.

The man in my life is Wasabi, I have owned Wasabi since he was 3yrs old and since our time together I have brought him on from being a naughty 3yr old (who thought it was amusing to buck you off before you got in the saddle) to FEI level. Wasabi obtained a spot on the National Future squad as well as the QLD state Dressage Squad.  I have high hopes for him but then again maybe it’s because we are two peas in a pod?

My other horse that I have who is currently for sale is the horse I have always dreamt of owning who unfortunately has come into my life at the wrong time. She is in my opinion just gorgeous and I pinch myself every time I ride her, she has taught me to ride with more empathy, to think a bit more outside the box.

I am so blessed to have Dr Show sponsoring me. Their products keep my horses looking healthy, their manes and tails feeling good as well as my rugs clean. Not only have they supported me by products they have provided me with morale support, good advice and guidance which I believe in this sport is something that is hard to come by but very important to have.

My three favourite products of theirs are: Outdoor shine and protect, Rug Wash and the shampoo! Mum even uses the rug wash on the carpets!


Jess Shaw