Where it all began…

Neil & Jenny Harris are horse owners/breeders & competitors in Australia and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with their 6 horses on their 40 acre horse property west of Brisbane in Queensland.

So what makes them experts in the horse grooming products?

They are also owners of a formulation company specializing in state of the art, environmental products. It all started when a good friend asked us to produce a Tail Detangler and shine serum for his wife to use on her dressage horses.
The Dr Show Mane n Tail Detangler & Shine was born.

Neil & JennyThe product became an instant hit with Dressage riders all over the country and quickly spread to other disciplines throughout Australia. This success encouraged us to look at other needs within the Equine industry that would benefit from some creative ideas and quality solutions. Since that day 7 years ago we have delivered a Conditioning Shampoo with 8 Essential Oils, a Laundry powder that removes protein stains with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil, A Tail Rake for use with the Detangler and in Jan 2018 the Dr Show Outdoor Protect & Shine was released which has received much praise already.


A chat with some Americans at a Cutting Futurity in Tamworth, Australia gave them the incentive to look at America as they too are a country of horse lovers. These Cutters took some Dr Show home with them the year before and absolutely loved the product as they had never achieved the results from their domestic products.
So 3 years ago Neil & Jenny set out to deliver Dr Show to the USA.

Our adventures with Dr Show have been nothing short of amazing.

Not only do we get to introduce new groups to our products, but we get to go support our friends and sponsored riders. The feedback is priceless in perfecting what we have to offer and is often the birthplace of many new products.

Our United States adventures just add a whole new opportunity for growth, innovation, and new ideas to take back with us to Australia.

Keep your eyes out for great new products coming your way!