A huge part of the enjoyment in working at Dr Show is the “family” that we have created along the way through the events, horse shows, and the impromptu dinner gatherings along the way.

These “meetings” also happen to be the birth place of many of our new products.
Sometimes those crazy ideas just work out well!

For those of you who know us, and our products, you know that we are committed to providing a healthy product that truly works. Sometimes this requires a little longer “refining” process, but we just are not happy with “good enough”.

We are excited to introduce two new products which will be available soon, first in Australia, and then to reach the US.

Outdoor Protect & Shine

Dr Show Outdoor Protect & Shine

This spray contains a blend of 7 native Australian essential oils with antibacterial and insect repellent properties and may also help to relieve itching.

Now you can achieve that show shine while also protecting and nourishing your horse’s coat naturally!

Want to know more?  See the Info sheet

Dr Show Rug & Work Wear Wash

After trying every type of laundry powder around to get our own rugs (or blankets to you Americans) clean, we saw the need to develop a product that will remove all the protein stains and the mud from rugs and horse gear.

We understand what horse owners are looking to achieve so not only did we develop a high grade enzyme based concentrated laundry powder, but we also added eucalyptus to formula to help repel insects.

The active ingredient in the formula removes protein stains to clean the rug by effectively removing the protein stains. The other benefit is the formula destroys any bacteria present in the rug.

Our tests have proven you can achieve about 50 washes from a 2kgs which is about $0.50 per wash load depending on the size of your machine. Just remember to not overload your machine and most importantly dissolve the powder in warm to hot water before adding it to the wash.

Does it work?
You be the judge!

Dr Show Rug & Work Wear Wash